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The Impact of Network Usage Fees on the Brazil Cloud Market

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The Impact of Network Usage Fees on the Brazil Cloud Market

Economic Analysis of Market Licensing v. OEM Restricted Licensing for Standard and Essential Patents

The latest research on Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) shows that there are potential problems in SEP licensing that may result in excessive royalties beyond the technical contribution of a paten…

DMCC: Economic Impact

The Sky Is Rising 2024 Edition

The latest data show significant growth in the music, film, gaming, and other entertainment industries – largely thanks to the internet. Consumers and creators alike are shown to be thriving with…

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Survey Reveals Strong Opposition to Government Influence on Social Media Content

The State of Competition in UK Cloud Computing

While the demand for cloud services keeps growing globally and consumers and businesses are presented with a variety of almost custom-made cloud solutions, it is important to ensure that any barrie…

Social Media Survey Experiment

This survey shows the impact of objectionable user-generated content on social media sites and digital advertising. The experiment results find that content like hate speech, offensive material, mi…

Regulatory Overreach Targeting Tech Would Cost California State and Local Government Employee Pension Plans Billions

Aggressive regulations, bills, and enforcement actions targeting tech would increase operating costs for regulated U.S. companies, reducing their market value and harming their shareholders. State …

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The Cost of Various Antitrust and DMA-Related Litigation to State and Local Pension Plans –  State by State Aggregates

Various antitrust and DMA-related litigation against the five leading technology firms, Google, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and Apple (GAMMA), would increase operating costs for targeted GAMMA firms, …

Reliable vs. Rapid: Seller Fulfilled Prime Reboot Underscores Evolving Consumer Expectations on Retail Shipping

Executive Summary The history of Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime (“SFP”) provides strong evidence of the growing importance that consumers place on speed in retail shopping. Launched in 2015 …

Estimating the Value of Content and Applications Services for Internet Users in Europe