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WTO Ministerial to Chart Future of Digital Trade Tariffs, Growth

Washington – At the WTO’s 13th Ministerial meeting (MC13) in Abu Dhabi this week, countries will be deciding whether to maintain a ban on duties imposed on electronic transmissions.  Last month, the Computer & Communications Industry Association joined over 200 global business organizations in calling for an extension of the moratorium, which has been in place since 1998. The WTO Ministerial comes at a critical time, as the direction of U.S. trade policy and U.S. commitment to working with trade partners to advocate for rules to maintain open markets remains uncertain.  ...

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Network Usage Fees Would Harm Brazilian Cloud Market and Undermine Country’s Digital Transformation, New Study Finds

Barcelona, SPAIN – A report launched today warns Brazilian policymakers that mandating direct payments to telecom operators from other online players, such as cloud providers and content delivery ne...
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Supreme Court Heard Arguments Today Explaining Why Florida, Texas Social Media Laws Violate the First Amendment

Washington – The Supreme Court dove into court arguments today with questions about Florida and Texas’s must-carry online content laws. The Computer & Communications Industry Association and o...
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CCIA Submits Comments Seeking Changes to Korea’s Cloud Certification Rules

Washington – The Computer & Communications Industry Association filed comments today with South Korea’s Ministry of Science and Information and Communications Technology, asking the agency to ...
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CCIA Offers Comments in Opposition to Florida’s Online Age Verification Bill

Washington – The Computer & Communications Industry Association has sent a letter in opposition to Florida HB 1, which mandates age verification for online users, ahead of the Florida Senate’s...


CCIA was founded in 1972 to promote open markets, open systems, and open networks in the computer and telecommunications industry. Today, the association continues to evangelize these principles across these increasingly diverse and economically important sectors of the global economy.


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