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Bundled Benefits of Retail Memberships in Mexico

The study evaluates retail membership bundles at Mexico’s leading four Big Box stores: Walmart Pass, Sam’s Club, Costco, and H-E-B Prime in Mexico, finding not only that bundling generates a Mexican consumer surplus of approximately MXN $1.4B annually, but that the majority of Mexican consumers enjoy bundled features in retail memberships and often subscribe to multiple memberships. The research finds that 94% of members at one of Mexico’s leading four Big Box stores, MeLi+, or Amazon also have a membership with at least one more of the six retailers.

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Consequences of EC Proposals To Extend Regulatory Scope to the Entire Digital Economy

Repealing Section 230 Would Cost Americans Over $1.3 Trillion

Section 230 of the Communications Act (Section 230) importantly places legal accountability on communicators of speech, rather than those who merely publish it. It also allows digital services to saf...

State-by-State Breakdown of Economic Cost of Legislation Modeled after the New York Twenty First Century Antitrust Act

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Assessment of Economic Costs of Imposing Abuse of Dominance Standards at the State Level