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CCIA Calls for Ambitious Global Tax Reform in Comments to OECD Proposal

Brussels, BELGIUM -- The Computer & Communications Industry Association today filed comments with the OECD on their proposal for a “Unified Approach” under Pillar One regarding international t...

CCIA Asks Senate Judiciary To Extend And Strengthen USA FREEDOM Act Protections

Washington -- The Senate Judiciary Committee holds its first hearing Wednesday on reauthorizing the USA FREEDOM Act of 2015. The Computer & Communications Industry Association is calling on senato...
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CCIA Welcomes New Hires In Brussels and DC Offices

Washington/Brussels, BELGIUM  -- The Computer & Communications Industry Association is announcing new hires for both its DC and Brussels offices. Kayvan Hazemi-Jebelli (Kay) joins the Brussels te...

CCIA Identifies Trade Barriers For Internet and Technology Services to USTR

Washington -- U.S. Internet and technology services are facing rising trade barriers around the world this part year from long-standing allies. The Computer & Communications Industry Association o...

CCIA Welcomes Third Privacy Shield Review

Brussels, BELGIUM -- Today, the European Commission issued its report following the third annual review of the Privacy Shield and recommends the continuation of the agreement on the transfer of commer...
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Independent Review Finds IRS Free File Program is Working, Successfully Serves Tens of Millions of Taxpayers

Washington -- For over 15 years, CCIA has supported a public-private partnership between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and tax preparation software companies to provide free tax software to lower...
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House Passes Copyright Small Claims Legislation

Washington -- Legislation to create a separate small claims tribunal within the Copyright Office has taken another step with House passage of the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act ...
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CCIA Delegation Visits Croatia, Publishes Recommendations To New EU leadership

Brussels, BELGIUM -- As a new European Union leadership takes office, the Computer & Communications Industry Association offers recommendations on how technology can help solve Europe’s societal...

Industry Raises Concerns with Mexico Tax Plans

Washington -- The Computer & Communications Industry Association  joined 8 other associations in sending a letter to U.S. officials expressing concerns with Mexico's plans to amend its taxation l...