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Tech Industry Praises House Judiciary Committee Approval Of Judicial Redress Act

Washington -- The House Judiciary Committee swiftly considered and approved legislation that would give Europeans and citizens of other allies similar rights Americans have to appeal errors related to...

Industry Welcomes Markup Of The Judicial Redress Act, Urges Passage

Washington -- The technology sector praises the House Judiciary Committee for scheduling a markup of the Judicial Redress Act (H.R. 1428) this Thursday.  The trade organizations listed below have bee...
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Senators, Panelists Say Judicial Redress Act Should Pass

Washington -- At a Capitol Hill briefing co-hosted by the Computer & Communications Industry Association and the Software & Information Industry Association yesterday, Senators Orrin Hatch and...

European Commission Releases Telecommunications Consultation

Brussels, BELGIUM -- As part of the move to a Digital Single Market the European Commission today released its telecommunications consultation. This evaluation reviews the regulatory framework for ele...
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CCIA Welcomes EU-US Data Transfer Agreement

Brussels/Washington DC -- EU and U.S. officials have reportedly reached an agreement on transatlantic data transfers. Today's signing of the so-called “umbrella agreement” comes after four years o...

Roberto Viola Begins New Assignment As Director-General

Brussels — Roberto Viola becomes the new Director-General of the European Commission’s Communications Networks, Content and Technology Directorate General (DG CNECT) on Tuesday. Viola has been the...

CCIA Welcomes German Online Sales Competition Ruling, Broader Discussion On Online Sales Restrictions

Brussels, Belgium -- Germany’s competition authority has concluded its proceeding into the distribution of Germany’s leading brand of running shoes. The Bundeskartellamt found that ASICS restricte...
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CCIA Releases Webinar, Whitepaper: “Copyright Reform For A Digital Economy”

Washington -- Following 20 hearings on copyright reform, the House Judiciary Committee could see substantive copyright reform legislation introduced before the end of the year.  In advance of the ren...

CCIA Signs Letter To AG On Public Performance Rights Licensing

Washington -- The Computer & Communications Industry Association and other members of the MIC (Music.Innovation.Consumers) Coalition sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch today supportin...
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Is the European Retail Industry Recommending Platform Regulation?

Brussels -- At the end of 2013 the European Commission set up the so-called ‘High Level Group on Retail Competitiveness’. The Group consists of 20 European stakeholders active in the retail chain ...
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CCIA, Civil Rights Groups Object To Intelligence Provision Requiring Companies To Report Suspicious Activity To Law Enforcement

Washington -- The Computer & Communications Industry Association joined civil rights and free speech advocates in a letter expressing concern that broad language in a provision in the Senate versi...
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EU and US Negotiators Close To Finalising A Safer “Safe Harbour”

Brussels -- U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker met in Brussels Thursday with Vera Jourova, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality to revitalise negotiations on a framewor...