Computer & Communication Industry Association
PublishedApril 8, 2024

CCIA to Co-Host Conference, Book Release on the 2023 Merger Guidelines

Washington – The Computer & Communications Industry Association, together with Concurrences, will co-host a half-day program Tuesday, April 9, to mark the release of their latest joint publication, “The 2023 U.S. Merger Guidelines: A Review.”

The conference speakers will include two former Federal Trade Commissioners, merger practitioners, and authors of the publication as they discuss key aspects of the revised Guidelines and their expectations for U.S. merger policy and enforcement. In particular,  antitrust experts and practitioners will examine the Guidelines’ practical implications and what they mean for companies pursuing deals.  All event attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the book. 

The following can be attributed to CCIA Vice President of Global Competition and Regulatory Policy Krisztian Katona:

“The antitrust agencies’ merger guidelines have played an important role in U.S. merger policy and enforcement since the first set of guidance in 1968. We look forward to the discussion on Tuesday, in particular how the 2023 Guidelines may impact U.S. merger activity and the broader innovation economy.”

“It is always worthwhile to periodically reexamine merger guidelines to make sure they reflect current practices, market realities, and economic learning. A key question is how courts will treat the Guidelines’ new concepts and rather significant changes to federal merger policy.”