Computer & Communication Industry Association
PublishedMarch 28, 2024

European AI Roundtable Meets To Discuss Copyright

Brussels, BELGIUM – The European AI Roundtable held its inaugural meeting in Brussels yesterday, bringing together leading thinkers on artificial intelligence (AI) from across the EU for a thought-provoking discussion on the complex relationship between AI and copyright.

Participants spoke at length about implementation and enforcement of the EU’s landmark AI Act that was recently adopted, as well as the existing EU Copyright Directive, exploring both the benefits and challenges for the tech industry and the creative sector.

The European AI Roundtable’s overall objective is to facilitate an agenda-setting debate about how to properly regulate artificial intelligence and promote AI innovation in Europe.

This expert panel will meet regularly to tackle critical questions, boasting representatives from academia, leading AI firms, the creative sector, national expert bodies, as well as the European Commission, Parliament, and Member States. The new AI Roundtable is an initiative of the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA Europe).

During the copyright session, participants discussed whether further legislative intervention is needed following adoption of the AI Act, or if the copyright debate instead should focus on implementation of existing rules and incentivising industry collaboration.

Future meetings of the CCIA-hosted panel are already scheduled to take place later this year, focusing on the implications of AI regulation for competitiveness and privacy.

The following can be attributed to CCIA Europe’s Senior Policy Manager, Boniface de Champris:

“A central theme that emerged during our discussion is the delicate balance that the EU Copyright Directive strikes between protecting intellectual property and fostering innovation. Despite differing perspectives, the panel found common ground in the need to focus on the right implementation of the existing Copyright Directive and AI Act.”

“Instead of adding extra layers of regulation, the tech industry believes in an open dialogue about AI and copyright between different sectors. This is far more effective in addressing challenges and finding mutually beneficial solutions than calling for even more red tape.”

The following can be attributed to Senior Vice President and Head of CCIA Europe, Daniel Friedlaender:

“This first discussion on copyright highlighted a clear eagerness among participants to leverage the European AI Roundtable as an expert platform that impacts the broader AI debate and drives the discussion on key issues forward.”

“The inaugural Roundtable proved to be a resounding success. CCIA Europe is thrilled to be helping to bring these sectors together and find common solutions in this crucial discussion.”