Computer & Communication Industry Association
PublishedMarch 19, 2024

CCIA Provides Comments Opposing Pennsylvania Social Media Bill

Washington – The Computer & Communications Industry Association today provided written comments to Pennsylvania lawmakers regarding HB 2017, legislation that would impose age verification and other restrictions on online services. CCIA outlined concerns that the bill would restrict minors’ First Amendment right to information and conflict with existing data minimization principles.

CCIA supports strong privacy measures for children online, yet has concerns about this measure’s increased data collection requirements and the privacy issues associated with them. CCIA also encourages policymakers to ensure any protections do not limit users’ access to resources and supportive online communities.

The following may be attributed to CCIA State Policy Manager Khara Boender:

“We support the goal of furthering safe online experiences  for young people and urge policymakers to refrain from passing policies that don’t sufficiently align with this goal. We respectfully ask Pennsylvania legislators to thoroughly assess the possible consequences of adopting such measures and to collaborate with relevant parties to create strategies that effectively safeguard young users. Such strategies should preserve current protections and access to information and supportive online communities.”