Computer & Communication Industry Association
PublishedMarch 19, 2024

CCIA Voices Opposition to Colorado Social Media Age Verification Bill

Washington – The Computer & Communications Industry Association provided written comments to Colorado lawmakers today, opposing proposed legislation that would impose age verification and other restrictions on online services in the name of promoting online safety. CCIA outlined that SB 24-158’s provisions on liability for data collection and age verification would not achieve the bill’s stated objectives. Additionally, CCIA expressed concerns that the bill may violate First Amendment rights for digital services by hindering content moderation and restricting access to information online.

CCIA supports enhanced privacy protections for children online, but has concerns that this measure creates additional data collection requirements and associated privacy concerns. CCIA also urges lawmakers to ensure that any proposed protections do not inadvertently hinder users’ access to information and supportive online communities.

The following may be attributed to CCIA State Policy Manager Jordan Rodell:

“While we share the goal of protecting young people online, we urge lawmakers to refrain from advancing legislation that does not adequately meet this objective. We respectfully ask legislators to thoroughly assess the consequences of adopting this bill and to collaborate with stakeholders to develop alternative approaches for protecting younger users. CCIA members and other digital services take seriously ensuring users have positive online experiences and have implemented safeguards while ensuring continued access to valuable information and supportive online communities.”