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PublishedNovember 10, 2022

CCIA, Global Industry Offers Recommendations on India’s Draft Telecommunications Bill

Washington – The Computer & Communications Industry Association filed comments with the Department of Telecommunications regarding the Draft Indian Telecommunications Bill, 2022. Additionally, CCIA joined nine other trade associations in a Joint Statement detailing concerns on behalf of global industry with the proposed legislation. 

In late September, the Government of India published the draft of the legislation. The draft bill purportedly aims to streamline and update the existing regulatory framework for telecommunications services in India. However, the expansive scope will sweep in a variety of digital and communications services, and new powers granted over these services to the central government of India will have negative consequences for exports in the region. 

The following can be attributed to CCIA Vice President of Digital Trade Jonathan McHale:

“A well-balanced and predictable policy environment is crucial for the growth and sustainability of the digital economy. This is particularly important in a key and burgeoning market such as India, which has successfully cultivated innovative Internet-enabled services. We’d encourage Indian policymakers to reconsider the broad scope of its proposed telecommunications reform, and instead work with stakeholders for a truly future-proof model.”

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