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CCIA Offers Praise For Clyburn’s FCC Service

Washington -- As FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn ends her remarkable tenure, the Computer & Communications Industry Association is grateful for her service to our country. Clyburn is expected to g...

CCIA Praises White House Attention, Support For AI

Washington -- The White House will hear from leading tech innovators like Nvidia and Intel at a meeting on Artificial Intelligence Thursday. Michael Kratsios, the deputy U.S. chief technology officer ...
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CCIA Calls For In Depth Investigation Of Proposed Merger Of T-Mobile And Sprint

Washington -- Sprint and T-Mobile announced plans to merge Sunday. The third and fourth largest mobile phone carriers said the merger would help them compete with the two largest companies AT&T an...
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CCIA Welcomes Senate Confirmation of Chairman, Four Commissioners to lead Federal Trade Commission

Washington — The U.S. Senate has confirmed unanimously the new chairman, Republican Joseph Simons, to lead the Federal Trade Commission.  The Senate has also confirmed four new Commissioners, Repub...
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European Commission Proposes Plan To Tackle Disinformation Online

Brussels, BELGIUM -- The European Commission has released its Communication on “Tackling online disinformation,” aimed at improving information transparency, diversity and credibility through incl...
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European Commission Proposes New Regulation On Platform-to-Business Relations

Brussels, BELGIUM -- The European Commission today presented a new proposal for a Regulation affecting many online platforms and search engines. The proposed Regulation on “promoting fairness and tr...
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Universities, Journalists, Digital Rights Groups and Tech Sector Warn of Disastrous Consequences of Copyright Directive, Ask EU Member States to Continue Technical Discussions

Brussels, BELGIUM -- More than 145 universities, libraries, human rights, media freedom, technology businesses and digital rights groups sent an open letter Thursday. The letter asked EU Member States...
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CCIA Welcomes EU’s Positive Approach to Artificial Intelligence

Brussels, BELGIUM -- The European Commission published today a Communication on “Maximising the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Europe”, aimed at boosting Europe’s technology and industr...

SCOTUS Upholds Tool To Combat Patent Trolls In Patent Case

Washington -- The Computer & Communications Industry Association applauds the Supreme Court ruling in a patent case (Oil States vs. Greene’s Energy) that has been closely watched by the thousand...