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Court of Justice Upholds Ruling against Intel

Brussels -- Intel has lost its appeal in a case finding anti-competitive abuse five years ago. The European Commission found the company had abused its dominant market position and issued its largest ...

Study By MIT Professor Maps How Patent Trolls Reduce Venture Capital Investment, Provides Empirical Support For Strong Litigation Reforms

Washington – Each side in the legislative fight over patent reform has always treated equally the debate between protecting patented intellectual property and reining in abusive patent troll litigat...
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CCIA’s Response to EU Taxi Strike

Brussels - Some taxi drivers have organised a strike today to disrupt European cities in protest against new competitors, particularly Uber. Uber’s application allows consumers to order a car ride...

CCIA Analyzes Comcast Antitrust/Competition Issues In Response To Senator Franken’s Request

Washington - The Computer & Communications Industry Association sent a letter to Senator Al Franken, (D-Minn.) today in response to his questions asking about antitrust issues arising from the p...

EU Court of Justice Resolves Copyright Case That Threatened Internet Browsing

Brussels – European Internet users can continue to visit websites thanks to a lengthy copyright case that the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) resolved today. The ruling found that copies that ar...
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Senate Judiciary Chairman Pulls Patent Reform Bill

Washington – Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy announced today that he was taking the patent reform bill off the committee’s agenda. The move was a massive setback to the nationwide chorus o...

USA Freedom Act Needs Improvements

Washington - The USA Freedom Act is now scheduled for floor action this week under a closed rule. This is unfortunate since this bill needs improvement. The following can be attributed to Computer &...
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Apple, Google Settle Patent Litigation

The news late Friday that two of the great companies of our era decided to settle ongoing patent litigation over smart phones is welcome news for consumers and the technology industry. CCIA would rath...
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FCC Votes To Seek Comment On New Open Internet Rules

Washington - The FCC is now seeking public comment on what rules should be developed to protect the Open Internet. At the meeting today staff noted that all protection has lapsed since a court ruling ...