Computer & Communication Industry Association
PublishedApril 17, 2024

CCIA Europe Statement on EU Single Market Report

Brussels, BELGIUM – Today, former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta presented his Report on the Future of the Single Market, as requested by the European Council in June 2023.

The report aims to provide concrete and ambitious recommendations to the EU Member States and the European Commission, as a new five-year legislature is due to begin after this year’s European elections.
As a long-standing advocate of open markets, the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA Europe) welcomes European institutions’ endeavour to find ambitious and innovative ways of strengthening the EU Single Market.

Free trade and openness, which form the very foundations of the EU Single Market, need to remain at the centre of the Single Market’s future. In order to thrive and compete in an increasingly complex international order, the EU needs to speed and scale, while maintaining and strengthening its relationships with close, like-minded partners. In addition, European companies desperately need more investments and financial resources. These important matters require not only ambitious ideas, but also strong and affirmative action.

CCIA Europe stands ready to support European institutions in achieving a harmonised Single Market that fosters innovation, attracts talents and finances, and ultimately benefits EU citizens and consumers.

The following can be attributed to CCIA Europe’s Senior Vice President & Head of Office, Daniel Friedlaender:

“The Letta report rightly recognises the need to strengthen the EU Single Market. The next five years is an opportunity to knock down inconsistent regulations, foster entrepreneurship, and promote open competition. This is key to giving consumers more choices and better prices, and enabling the growth of real European success stories, both at home and abroad.”

“It’s about having a real focus on competitiveness which goes far beyond picking out specific sectors or companies for help. Europe needs to show as much ambition as its most innovative startups and businesses, to complete our digital single market with the conditions and mentality for success.”