Computer & Communication Industry Association
PublishedMarch 25, 2024

CCIA Voices Concerns Over Florida’s Recently Signed HB 3

Washington – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis today signed HB 3 into law, requiring social media platforms to terminate accounts held by younger users who are 14 or 15 years of age. The bill includes many provisions similar to those under HB 1, which was previously vetoed by Gov. DeSantis. While HB 3 no longer includes explicit age verification requirements for social media accounts, such platforms would likely need to employ verification tools to support compliance.   

The Computer & Communications Industry Association supports enhanced privacy protections for younger users online, but any commercially available age verification method that may be used by a covered platform carries serious privacy and security concerns for users while also infringing upon their First Amendment protections to speak anonymously. 

State Policy Director Khara Boender issued the following statement upon HB 3 being signed into law:

“We commend Florida lawmakers and Governor DeSantis for prioritizing the safety and  well-being of younger internet users. However, CCIA is skeptical that this law will meaningfully achieve those goals without infringing on the First Amendment rights of younger users to access and engage in online speech. This law could create substantial obstacles for young people seeking access to online information, a right afforded to all Americans regardless of age. It’s foreseeable that this legislation may face legal opposition similar to challenges seen in other states.”