Computer & Communication Industry Association
PublishedMay 10, 2023

CCIA Statement On How to Achieve Symmetry and Sustainability for USF Ahead Of Senate Hearing

Washington – The Senate Communications, Media, and Broadband Subcommittee holds a hearing Thursday on “The State of the Universal Service Fund.” Telecommunications companies pay into that fund, which helps bring telephone and broadband access to those who cannot afford it. Meanwhile, the Oversight Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee held a hearing today on overseeing how federal funds are being used to close the gap in broadband access.

The Computer & Communications Industry Association was an early advocate for employing USF to fund broadband deployment, a policy that the FCC adopted in 2011. Congress’ review of USF comes as broadband demand is increasing due to the new, diverse, and innovative online content developed by digital services companies, including streaming video, social media, video games, and so much more. This must-have content has driven the consumer demand that has enabled U.S. broadband networks to thrive and expand.

The following can be attributed to CCIA Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff Stephanie Joyce:

“CCIA is pleased that Congress is focused on getting a holistic picture of all of the federal dollars and effort already expended on achieving universal broadband coverage. We must know where we are in order to move forward, whether our path is direct appropriations, tax-based incentives, or expanding Universal Service Fund contributions. We must strive for USF symmetry and sustainability by securing contributions from providers of high-speed data transmission services.

“America’s commitment to broadband is clear, but now we must work together to ensure, finally, that all Americans can join, learn from, and participate in the connected economy.”