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Independent Privacy Board Issues Surveillance Report

Washington - An independent federal privacy watchdog group has issued its latest surveillance report saying that NSA’s surveillance targeting those outside the U.S. appears to be legal, although the...

CCIA Statement on Unconfirmed Report of Proposed USPTO Nominee

Washington -- In response to reports that the Obama Administration is considering appointing Philip Johnson, Johnson & Johnson’s head of intellectual property, to be director of the U.S. Paten...
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The White Paper on Copyright: Setting an Industrial Policy for Europe?

Achieving a modern copyright regime that is apt for a digitally connected continent requires a strategic vision. The leak of the European Commission’s White Paper on copyright policy which appeared ...
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Supreme Court Reverses Copyright Case With Broad Implications For Internet Users

Washington – The Supreme Court has reversed a case brought by the TV broadcast industry against an innovative Internet startup, Aereo. The case could have broad implications for Internet users’ cl...
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Supreme Court Rules Police Need Warrant For Cell Phone Searches

Washington - In a unanimous ruling the Supreme Court said today that searching an individual’s smartphone constitutes a search and police would need a warrant to check someone’s smartphone during ...
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CCIA Praises Wireless Legislation To Free Spectrum, Reduce “Last Mile” Access Congestion

Washington -- Congress is hearing Americans’ complaints about wireless Internet access and some are calling for change with new legislation to improve spectrum use efficiency.  A new Senate bill jo...
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House Votes to End Mass Warrantless Surveillance

Washington -- In a spirited bipartisan late night defense of the 4th Amendment, Reps Thomas Massie, Republican of Kentucky and Zoe Lofgren, Democrat of California offerred an amendment to the Defens...
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CCIA Welcomes Supreme Court Clarification On Patent Eligibility of Software

Washington - The Supreme Court issued its ruling today in a key case examining the patent eligibility of software. In a unanimous ruling the court offered some guidance on what an abstract idea is and...
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What Does Tesla’s Recent Pledge Tell Us About Patents?

In the spirit of fostering an open source movement, Tesla CEO Elon Musk reported last week on the Tesla blog that Tesla would not “initiate patent lawsuits against anyone” who would use their tech...