Computer & Communication Industry Association
PublishedApril 30, 2024

CCIA Files Comments, Signs Joint Letter On Commerce Department’s Security Proposal

Washington – The Computer & Communications Industry Association filed comments with the Commerce Department on a proposed rulemaking designed to address cyber and security threats. CCIA explained in its filing it had “serious concerns about the effectiveness of the proposed Customer Identification Program (CIP).”

CCIA urged the Commerce Department to reassess its approach. “Taken together, the NPRM imposes costly requirements that will impede upon, if not restrict, the private sector’s ability to prevent and deter the abuse of their services.” 

CCIA also joined a joint letter with the Information Technology Industry Council and U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others asking the Commerce Department to handle AI enabled threats separately and to place greater emphasis on the Abuse of IaaS Products Deterrence Program (ADP), instead of the Customer Identification Program.