Computer & Communication Industry Association
PublishedApril 2, 2024

CCIA Asks Georgia Governor to Veto Social Media Bill

Washington – The Computer & Communications Industry Association sent a letter Tuesday to Gov. Brian Kemp asking him to veto Georgia’s social media bill that would require age verification for online users. 

In its letter, CCIA said the bill is inadequately crafted to achieve its intended objective and instead raises Constitutional concerns.

CCIA has advocated for information access and various aspects of telecommunications law for more than three decades.

The following can be attributed to CCIA State Policy Director Khara Boender:

“While we support stronger protections for younger users online, this law could create substantial obstacles for young people seeking access to online information, a right afforded to all Americans regardless of age.”

“Parents have many online tools to tailor their child’s internet experience to what they think is most appropriate. Additionally, many states have adopted useful media and digital literacy programs to help students engage responsibly online. While this bill would implement similar literacy programs, it also includes problematic age verification and consent requirements. Unfortunately, such provisions would require companies to collect additional personal data to achieve and prove compliance at a time when they are taking steps to reduce data collection and strengthen privacy protections.”