Computer & Communication Industry Association
PublishedDecember 15, 2023

CCIA Releases Analysis of 2023 State Legislation On Children’s Online Safety and a Preview of 2024

Washington – The Computer & Communications Industry Association has released a summary report about state legislative proposals focused on children’s online safety for 2023. The analysis found over 150 bills have been introduced across more than 35  states this past session and provides predictions for the year ahead on state online safety legislation.

The child protection bills introduced in 2023 had multiple components but several main categories emerged: Age-Appropriate Design Code (AADC), age verification, parental consent, and prohibiting the use of “addictive” algorithms. 

CCIA supports enhanced privacy protections for younger users online, but is concerned such well-intentioned proposals could result in businesses needing to collect additional data, particularly sensitive data, creating barriers for users to connect to communities of support, and limiting the First Amendment right to access open information online.

The following can be attributed to CCIA State Policy Director Khara Boender:

“The goal of better protecting children online drew dozens of state bills this past session, all of which diverged from federal laws designed to protect children. Of note, several states considered implementing requirements to verify childrens’ ages and obtain parental consent . However, these measures could result in adverse impacts on parents and children alike – parents may not want to provide sensitive information like a credit card or government ID, which in turn creates privacy and security concerns, and younger users could be barred from accessing information and communities of support.”