PublishedMarch 31, 2022

House E&C To Question FCC About Internet Access, Spectrum At Oversight Hearing

Washington – Four FCC commissioners will testify Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce communications subcommittee’s planned oversight hearing. Though President Biden nominated Gigi Sohn in October 2021 to be the fifth commissioner to the panel, the Senate has yet to vote.

The Commission faces a slate of issues when they have a full team of regulators including expanding high speed broadband access and deployment, adding more spectrum to meet demand and support 5G, and reauthorizing spectrum auctions. 

The following can be attributed to CCIA President Matt Schruers: 

“The Senate should swiftly move to make sure the FCC has its full statutory complement of five commissioners. The FCC has a full regulatory agenda and important work to carry out for the American people, which includes  reallocating spectrum to help broadband providers deploy 5G wireless networks. Mid-band spectrum is particularly valuable for 5G because it can travel much farther than high-band spectrum and has more capacity for speed and data than low-band spectrum. Reallocating these bands will promote faster, more reliable networks that promote access to high speed internet and innovation.”

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