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Updates on Copyright and Patent

There has been a lot of action around intellectual property lately.  Below is a list of recent and upcoming inquiries and events around copyright and patent, much of which CCIA is involved in: Copyri...
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A Summary of NETmundial Submissions in Numbers

Geneva -- In advance of the anticipated NETmundial conference on the future of Internet Governance, which will be organised by the Brazilian Government, stakeholders were encouraged to submit “Inter...
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Loopholes Remain After European Parliament Votes on Open Internet

Brussels -- Today the European Parliament's Industry committee voted on protections to the open Internet as part of a legislative package on telecommunications. The committee voted with 30 votes in fa...
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Tech Industry Praises Liberation of Internet Governance Functions from U.S.G.

Geneva/Brussels - The technology industry welcomes the news that the U.S. Commerce Department intends to complete the transition of relinquishing its control over key Internet addressing functions to ...
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House Judiciary Committee Explores Internet Sales Tax Alternatives

On March 12, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing titled “Exploring Alternative Solutions on the Internet Sales Tax Issue.”  CCIA had welcomed the announcement of this hearing as a first ...

U.S. House Subcommittee To Review Copyright Law Critical To U.S. Economy

Washington – As part of its ongoing review of U.S. copyright law, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Internet is holding a hearing Thursday on the legal framework that supports both copyright h...
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CCIA Supports STELA, But Not Anti-competitive Amendment On TV Set Top Boxes

Washington – The House Energy & Commerce Communications subcommittee will hold a hearing today to consider legislation from its chairman, Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., that would reauthorize a law s...

House Judiciary Committee to Examine Internet Sales Tax Alternatives

Washington -- The House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing Wednesday on “Exploring Alternative Solutions on the Internet Sales Tax Issue.”  The Computer & Communications Industry Associa...
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CCIA Deeply Concerned by Turkish Government Threat to Block Internet Services, Social Media

Brussels/Geneva --  The Computer & Communications Industry Association was, like many others, troubled to hear reports yesterday that the Government of Turkey is considering widespread additional...