Computer & Communication Industry Association
PublishedJune 27, 2024

Europe’s Digital Infrastructure: CCIA Responds to Consultation on EU Commission White Paper

The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA Europe) submitted its response to the public consultation on the European Commission’s white paper ‘How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs’ today.  

In these comments, CCIA Europe reiterates being a staunch supporter of the EU’s 2030 digital targets, while setting out the tech sector’s serious concerns about detrimental ideas proposed in the white paper and sharing its recommendations to the Commission on how to reach Europe’s digital ambitions in a more positive way.  

The Association strongly believes the Commission should abandon some of the most problematic ideas put forward, such as introducing network usage fees through the backdoor or the unjustified extension of the telecoms regulatory framework to actors from other sectors, such as cloud providers. Otherwise, these policies will harm EU businesses and consumers alike, and ultimately endanger Europe’s ability to reach the 2030 targets.

Instead, CCIA Europe urges the Commission to adopt a technology neutral approach, focus on consumer interests and demands, and foster competition in the EU telecoms and digital sector in order to reach the connectivity infrastructure goals by 2030.