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PublishedNovember 22, 2022

Sweden’s EU Presidency Is Opportunity To Boost Europe’s Digital Openness and Tech Ambitions, Industry Delegation Stresses

Stockholm, SWEDEN / Brussels, BELGIUM – The upcoming Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU is an excellent opportunity to give Europe’s digital economy a much-needed boost of optimism, ambition, and openness. Sweden should seize the opportunity to disprove those who are advocating for protectionist industrial policy.

The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA Europe) presented its recommendations to the Swedish EU Presidency today in Stockholm, marking the start of a tech delegation’s three-day visit to the capital. Sweden will chair the Council during the first half of 2023, leading EU negotiations on key digital files.

Calls for protectionist policy measures seem to be gaining clout in EU circles these days. As a digital frontrunner, Sweden is well-placed to ensure that Europe’s quest for “digital sovereignty” doesn’t happen at the expense of innovation, competition, online rights, and cooperation with the EU’s closest trading partners and allies.

The European market for cloud computing services, for instance, should remain open and non-discriminatory. Yet these core values are now at risk, as the new Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Cloud Services (EUCS) could very well lead to the exclusion of global cloud vendors, significantly hurting EU business in the process.

The following can be attributed to Senior Vice President and Head of CCIA Europe, Christian Borggreen:

“CCIA Europe is delighted to meet with Sweden’s new government this week in Stockholm. We look forward to supporting the incoming Swedish EU Presidency.”

“Europe’s digital economy stands at a crossroads today. The EU faces a choice between protectionist industrial policies and an open, pro-innovation agenda.”

“As a nation known for its innovative economy and openness to international trade, Sweden can help ensure the EU prioritises smart regulation and cooperation with its key partners.”

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