PublishedFebruary 22, 2000


Washington, DC- The Computer & Communications Industry Association is still calling for a physical breakup of Microsoft in order to restore compeitiotn and freeing the source code could do it. Today, Microsoft made the final arguments to the government before determining whether or not the software giant broke antitrust laws.

The judge has offered no legal conclusions in the case, however, Judge Jackson last November issued findings of fact in the case, branding Microsoft an abusive monopolist that squelched competition and harmed consumers. Today Judge Jackson compared Microsoft to that of the 19th Century oil monopoly of tycoon John D. Rockfeller.

CCIA has had as one of our principal missions the preservation of vigorous, fair and open competition, because such competition is the bedrock upon which our industry’s innovation and prosperity is based. CCIA is committed to fighting policies and practices, whether by government or monopolists, which threaten competition.

As argued in the briefing we “believe the law was violated over many years and there was a continuous pattern of abuse. What came out of this trial was that Microsoft demonstrated that it used its market power to “crush” rivals and prevented the emergence of alternatives for its Windows platform”, stated CCIA President & CEO Ed Black.

The Microsoft trial has proved that it has monopoly power, and used exclusionary tactics to protect that monopoly. That is why it is necessary for there to be some degree of a forced break up of the company.

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