Computer & Communication Industry Association

Heather Greenfield

Director of Communications

Heather Greenfield handles communications around CCIA’s tech policy advocacy and media relations for the Washington DC and Brussels offices. She came from the National Journal’s Technology Daily where she wrote about tech industry lobbying, policy issues from internet governance to cybersecurity, and social media tools candidates were using to get elected. She was a reporter for Associated Press in Washington DC for 12 years working for newspaper, radio and TV affiliates. During this time she also wrote a column for TechWeek magazine, trained broadcast reporters in Ethiopia on U.S. investigative reporting techniques, and spent several months in Germany writing for die Tageszeitung in East Berlin as part of a journalist exchange program. Greenfield started as a television reporter and anchor and came to Washington as part of the APA’s Joan Shorenstein Barone Congressional Fellowship program in which she worked as a press assistant for the Senate Finance Committee under Chairman Lloyd Bentsen of Texas.

Awards include a Japan Foreign Press Fellowship, Arthur Burns Fellowship, Gannett Fellowship, a best local reporting award in 2002 from the Society of Professional Journalists and an Emmy for co-producing a documentary on hurricane impacts for WCIV-TV.

She has a master’s degree in news media studies from American University, a graduate certificate in Asian studies from the University of Hawaii and an honors degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.